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September 2020

We hope you are all well and have enjoyed the summer holidays! We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all back on the 7th September!
We have lots of new children starting with us throughout the next few months, we hope that you and your families enjoy your time with us! A big welcome to Fontmell Magna Under Fives!!

Current News

As you are all very aware, we had to close the Preschool in March following the government announcement. This was a tricky time for all of us and the uncertainty was most definitely stressful! Luckily, we were able to open again in June, with strict guidance and social distancing in place we made the best of a bad situation and had a lovely month before closing for the summer holidays!
Everybody has received a letter in the post explaining the new drop off/pick up routine, we put this in to practice in June and it seemed to work very well, so we are hoping things will run smoothly! I will be welcoming you each morning and the rest of the girls will be on a rota for the pickup, if for any reason you need to speak to any specific member of staff, please just ask and we can arrange that for you!
I will be calling all the new parents on their child’s first day, to let you know how they are getting on and like normal we will be sending regular updates on Famly. So please all be rest assured, although you won’t be able to enter the building, we are back to a full team and your children are in the best hands!


Invoice Payments

Our invoicing system is the same platform as your child’s learning journey, Famly. You can either download the APP or login online to view these. We invoice once a month, at the beginning of the month and request you pay this before the following months invoice. This month I will be invoicing on the 11th September to allow for any changes in sessions and to be able to complete the funding forms.
On this system, you can view all the payments you have made and every invoice you have received. The invoice breaks down to regular sessions, additional sessions and consumables which are charged at 50p a day.
If you are struggling with payments, please talk to me and we can arrange a payment plan to help with this.


Coronavirus Grants

Due to the closure of the Preschool, the amount of money we lost and that we have been unable to fundraise, we have been extremely lucky to receive grants from various places!!
Dorset Council – we received £7,500, with this we have been able to finally replace the decking in the top garden!! This is our fire escape from the kitchen and entrance to the top garden from outside. It has been there for the past 9years when we moved to this building and massively needed replacing! So a HUGE thank you to Dorset Council (and my dad for fitting it!!)
Tesco – We received £500, with this money we were able to provide all the PPE we need to ensure all the staff and children are safe. We bought the washing stations outdoors and lots and lots of cleaning products!!
Waitrose – We received £334, as you are aware we are part of the Foodshare scheme, Waitrose kindly gave us a 1/3 of the money in which they would give to the token winner instore – as these currently aren’t running!
This has all been extremely helpful during these crazy times! The committee decided to very generously, pay the girls their full wages when we were closed with the help of the 80% government furlough. So, all this extra money has really helped to keep us afloat!


Breakfast club/ After school club

These clubs will be back to normal and running daily! The sessions are 7.45-8.45 and 2.45-4.00 these are charged at £4 a session. Please can you let a staff member know if you are wanting to use these additional clubs!
PLEASE NOTE – for the foreseeable, we are unable to have any siblings from St. Andrews school as we are not allowed to cross over the ‘bubbles’.


Hopefully soon this word will be a thing of the past!! But for now, please remember to adhere to the social distancing outside the building, using the spots provided. Please remember the guidance which you have all agreed too. We need to keep safe and we can only do that together! Please DO NOT bring your child to Preschool if they are unwell.


Fees and charges

As of September, our new prices are as follows:
Under 3’s: £5.50ph
Over 3’s: £5.25ph
Breakfast club/afterschool club: £4 per session
Consumables/snack: 50p a day
If for any reason you are running late, please phone or email to let me know. If you are more than 10 minutes late you will be charged for the following session.


Staff Training

Helen has completed her Level 3 qualification and Chloe has completed her Level 2!! Congratulations girls!!
All the staff are Paediatric first aid trained, Safeguard trained and are always completing courses! I am enormously proud of the team of girls and how much they are dedicated to the Preschool.



We have lots of uniform available and have just made an order! Sweatshirts, cardigans, t-shirts, Polo tops and jogging bottoms, in a variety of colours and sizes. Please just ask if you would like to see what we have. Wearing our uniform not only protects your child’s clothes, but also gives them a sense of belonging.



You can add your own information, photos, updates, observations etc on your child’s account. This helps children talk about their home life with their key workers and friends! It’s so lovely to see photographs of a family WOW moment, or an early year’s milestone. We look forward to seeing many more!


Inset days

The southern academy trust has decided to have 1 week for half term in October now and as we follow suit, we will be doing the same. This does however mean we will now have staff inset days instead. Please see when these are in the term dates 😊



  • Please drive slowly and carefully through the drive.
  • Accident on arrival forms please fill in if your child has had an accident while at home, bruises, bites, bumps or burns all are classified as accidents.
  • If you change your address or phone number, please tell me so that I can keep records up to date
  • Lunch boxes to encourage healthy eating we ask that your child has at least one piece of fruit included in their lunches please. Any foods such as grapes, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, olives etc please can they be cut in half length ways to avoid possible choking! Also, please could spoons be included in their lunchboxes when packing yoghurts or anything that requires one. We have had a lot go missing…! Thank you!
  • Please can all lunchboxes and drinks bottles be clearly named. This will avoid any mix up and possible allergy problems.
  • Please can you pick up on time from preschool or after school club.



A newsletter is sent out at the beginning of each new half term. But if any information needs to get to you at any time during the term, we do so by posting on our Facebook page or on your Famly account. So please be sure to look out for recent updates! Thank you!


Term Dates Please note: As we will now follow the same term dates as the Southern Academy Trust and Fontmell Magna School, the Autumn Half Term holiday will be two weeks long.

Our contact information:


Phone Number: 01747 812773