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March 2020

Hello! We hope that you all had a lovely break (despite the wind and rain!) Fingers crossed Spring won’t take long to arrive!
This half term we have Iris to welcome. We hope that Iris and her family will enjoy their time with us at FMU5’s.


Let’s start off with some Thank yous! As you are all aware, we are a charity run Preschool who rely on the help of others to keep our setting at its best. So THANK YOU to Ash (Williams Dad and our Vice Chair Person) for replacing our lights throughout the building, to Charlie (Max’s Dad) for filling in the holes in our drive way and car park, to Wendy (who we all know and love), Chris (Wendy’s Husband), Matt (Greta’s Dad) and Kim (Indie’s Mum) for scrubbing our decking, making it much safer to now use, and finally to Justin (Aylah’s Dad) who came and fixed our adult bathroom light!
Whilst mentioning the driveway… we completely understand and sympathise with how messy and annoying it is at the best of times, let alone with all this rain! As we share the road with a farm and several houses, so you can imagine how much traffic we have going up and down! Not only does it get used by 30 children being dropped off and picked up daily, but also Postmen, delivery vans and visitors to us and the surrounding houses, it also sees tractors and trucks with trailers too. The dream is to one day fundraise enough money to tarmac the whole area, but until then temporarily filling the holes and having to get a bit mucky during the rainy months is what we will have to work with.


Staff Training

Staff are continually going on training courses to further their knowledge as well as learning about new areas within our profession. Since January we have all attended training, which include:

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) update
  • Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) update
  • County Lines
  • Inclusion for Sensory Impairment
  • Planning in the Moment with Anna Ephgrave
  • Welcoming a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


Forest School

Starting this week, Helen and Jasmine will be starting their Forest School training for the rest of this term. We can’t wait to be able to include it back into our regular week to week routine, using our very own Forest School area. How lucky are we!?
Forest School is hugely beneficial to children of all ages and offers a wide range of positive outcomes. It gives opportunity to be exposed to manageable risks that in turn, help build confidence and independence, which are assets that are crucial throughout school life and beyond! It provides many health benefits including physical fitness and stabilising mental health, which again are vital. The children will learn to problem solve and become creative and imaginative within the natural environment by doing activities such as, making and playing with tools, building dens, making fires and toasting marshmallows, discovering insects and exploring.


Fitness Month

During the month of February, we have been focusing on ‘looking after ourselves and other’s’. To tie in with this we have had multiple activities to broaden the children’s understanding of the topic. Yoga with Jessie (our Yoga Queen), an exercise afternoon with Matt and Kate (Greta’s parents – THANK YOU! It was so great!) Emma and the Magic bag to get the children using their bodies and voices as expression, and many discussions and stories regarding healthy eating, drinking and required hygiene. We hope that the children have become more knowledgeable in this area and understand the importance of SELF LOVE!



The children have just participated in the second screening of the Wellcomm toolkit for Speech and Language, the results have been fantastic! Overall, the children have massively progressed, we have seen a big difference in those who needed the extra support. We have found the toolkit hugely beneficial and we will continue to use it for all the children throughout the preschool.


Fire Drill

Last half term we completed the Fire Drills. We do this every day for a week to ensure every child in the settings gets some practice! The Children did very well with listening to our instructions and knew exactly what to do once the alarm started to ring. Well done! It is a good idea to have a discussion at home about what to do if there was a fire and practice some exits. The children will hopefully be able to come up with some good tips, for example…don’t put your shoes or slippers on, or don’t collect all your favourite toys!



  • Warm coats, hats, gloves and wellies to be brought to Pre-school please (named!)
  • Please ensure all water bottles and lunch boxes are named
  • Healthy lunch options are always encouraged. Please ensure there is at least one piece of fruit or vegetable included in lunch boxes, and that all small fruits/veg are cut up. for example, grapes, blueberries, tomatoes etc
  • Please refill your child’s nappy baskets regularly with both nappies and wipes
  • Pick up from preschool times are 11.45am or 2.45pm, and our afterschool club finishes at 4pm



A newsletter is sent out at the beginning of each new half term. But if any information needs to get to you at any time during the term, we do so by posting on our Facebook page or on your Famly account. So please be sure to look out for recent updates! Thank you!


Our contact information:


Phone Number: 01747 812773