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January 2020

Hello, and a Happy New Year to you all! We hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and a great start to 2020.

This term we have a few new children and families joining us. So welcome to Henry, Gala, Ella, Iris and Aria!


A big WELL DONE to all the children who took part in our Pre-school Nativity last month. It was a huge success with lots of families turning up for support. We’d like to say thank you to everyone who helped that day. Running the raffle, serving the teas and coffees and the cleaning up afterwards. It was all greatly appreciated. The Christmas Hamper prizes were amazing! Thank you to all that donated items for them to be made. They looked great and proved to be a great way of fundraising for the Pre-school! we raised a brilliant £252.13!!
The Christmas Party that was held for the children was thoroughly enjoyed by all! Thank you to Kerry, Lucy, Rebecca, Tash, Ebony and Kate for helping!! also Ralph’s Granddad who did such an amazing job at being our Father Christmas this year…again!


Bad Weather

Now that we are into January, we should be seeing the temperature drop, and that may mean the risk of Icey roads or even snow. Please check our Facebook, Instagram or Famly for any notices regarding closure of Preschool due to unsafe travel conditions. We will be doing our best to update them with any information regarding this as soon as we possibly can, should this occur.


Staff Update

Since September we have had a few staff changes occur, meaning that our team may have seemed slightly inconsistent (but still fantastic) through the first term. We have had outstanding help from two amazing ladies (both former parents of FMU5s), who have played such a huge part in helping with the day to day routine of Preschool, as well as helping us through all of our Christmas prep! We wouldn’t have been able to do it without them, and so we just wanted to show our appreciation for both Adrienne and Tee. They will continue to stay as Bank Staff, and so you may still see them occasionally through the year when we need some cover.
On that note, we would like to welcome, permanently to the team, Jasmine! You may have seen Jasmine at Preschool in the last week of last term, getting to know the children and her new setting. Jasmine is a fully qualified Level 3 Preschool Practitioner and has plenty of experience. The children all took to her very well, which isn’t hard as she is lovely! We are very happy to have her join FMU5s and look forward to her future with us.
With the slight staff change, this may mean that your child has a new Key Worker. When the children self-register on our white board in the morning, the colour of their card will match up with the colour of their Key Worker, allowing you to know which group your child is in.
Our full team here at Preschool consists of Lauren, Wendy, Alex, Helen, Jasmine, Chloe, Jade and Jessie. Although we are not all here five days a week, we are all always happy and ready to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Please do not hesitate to ask.


Committee Meeting – Tues 21st Jan – 7.30pm – At Preschool

Our next committee meeting will take place in a couple of weeks, and everyone is welcome! Without a committee, our Preschool would be unable to open, as we are charity run, so it is very important that we have the support to keep FMU5s going! You do not need to take on a big role to be in the committee. There are so many small things that you can do that will make a difference. These can include just simply coming up with ideas for fundraisers, offering to help with a tea and coffee stand at a fundraiser, help collect donations for raffles, help with general maintenance within the preschool during school holidays… Honestly, nothing goes un-noticed. The more members we have, the better we can do. Please speak to a member of staff if you would like to know more or have any questions, and we hope to see as many of you at the meeting as possible!


Lunch Boxes and Drinks Bottles

We always encourage healthy eating, and kindly ask that your child has at least two pieces of fruit or vegetables in their lunch boxes. The children are asked to eat their sandwiches and fruit/vegetables before anything else, to ensure they are filling up on their healthiest items first. We also ask that their bottles are filled with water only. If we do notice that a bottle has juice or squash in it, we do refill it with just water, to make it fair for all of the children, and to encourage healthy hydration. All of our children never have any problems drinking water and are always proud when they show us their near empty bottles!
Also, all foods that pose a high choking hazard need to be cut up please. This is grapes, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, olives ect. Thank you!


Highlighted Names

If when picking up your child you notice their name has been highlighted in the sign in/out book in the foyer, please be sure to see a member of staff. It may mean that your child has had an accident that you need to be made aware of, and you may need to sign the accident book. Or it could be that there may be something a member of staff would like to discuss with you.


Warm Clothes

The children always have the option of playing outside, whatever the weather! So please ensure they always have a warm waterproof coat, a hat, a pair of gloves and a pair of wellies with them.


Our Driveway

Please remember to drive slowly and carefully when approaching pre-school. Not only is there always a chance of a child being close by, or darting out in front of you, but in this wet weather, our driveway/car park struggles! To help keep it from getting extremely muddy and full of puddles, it may help if it isn’t driven on vigorously. Thank you!


Staff Training

The staff are always updating their training and attending courses, over the past term we have been on copious amounts of training including, Ofsted new framework, managers briefing, Paediatric first aid, Understanding Children’s behaviour, SENCo update and Wellcomm training.
This term we are all booked on more…Welcoming a child with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder), Staff Wellbeing, County lines, DSL (Designated safeguarding lead) Update, Planning in the moment, Developing early years inclusion for sensory impairment, and probably more to come!!


Fee Increase

As you will know from receiving your letter, our fees are going up from April 2020, those of you who are funded obviously this will make no difference to you! after the AGM in November 2019 we have decided to increase the fees by 5% in two parts. We hope you understand with the increase in costs including staff wages, rent etc. we seemed this only fair.



A newsletter is sent out at the beginning of each new half term. But if any information needs to get to you at any time during the term, we do so by posting on our Facebook page, on your Famly account, or by email. So please be sure to look out for recent updates! Thank you!



Our contact information:


Phone Number: 01747 812773